Ongoing and Reflection, Sketchbook

Positivity in your outlook of life can take you far. I like the idea of illustrating positive, meaningful and inspiring quotes to share and hope that they inspire others.

In my spare moments, over the last few months, I have created individual original watercolour on paper artworks. Nice to be working in colour again and having fun with art. They are all painted on A5 paper, individual sizes. The last one I created was the ‘Unlock your creativity’ piece. I decided to use darker shades of paint for the outline, instead of black. I intend to explore this more, I like the softness it creates. I will be looking into text design and illustrating text over the next couple months.

If you like my work, I can always created a customised quote to inspire you. Just let me know.

Sketch Club


Today, I spent a fun few hours sketching the scenes down at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Under the theme of ‘Christmas in July’, Bondi has an outdoor ice rink outside the Bondi Pavilion. The sketch club is organised by a wonderful lady called Jennifer, who helps choose interesting places around Sydney to sketch weekly.

I decided I wanted perspective on Bondi Beach and the ice skaters so I sat up on the balcony looking down below.

I like the fun bus drawing I created, looking at the outlines of buildings along the way. I had not used watercolours for a while, they seemed to capture the constant movement and colour well. Watercolour set was given to me, they were my dear Auntie Dilly’s.