Drawing workshop with Fabrizio Biviano

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Last Saturday, I spent a fantastic creative afternoon with my good friend at Arthouse Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

They have exhibited the artist work Fabrizio Biviano Potemkin Still Life Blues for the past month and through the Art At Night event they held a drawing workshop run by the artist. He has sold all his paintings exhibited!

Fabrizio said that he is a High School teacher whilst pursuing his Artist career. He was previously a Graphic Designer which is clear with his influence of text in his paintings.

His paintings caught my eye from viewing them on the Arthouse Gallery website. They are vibrant and refreshing from thinking of a traditional still life. He painted the collection with oils on canvas. He includes alot of symmetry in the collections painting which he was unsure to why but also spoke about his background in Graphic Design having an influence. He has painted Australian native plants standing up in disposable coffee cups and often crumpled cups. Underneath the cups are books stacked up and scrumpled blue tape. I didnt mind the tape, he said he likes the use of them to create movement within the paint. He spoke about how he uses the edge of the painting to be messy, to let out frustration sometimes and to share the process of the painting and colour use.

He ran an inspiring workshop, with about 5 arrangements for 30+ people to sit around to study and draw. It was a free workshop and very popular! He took us through the steps to break down the arrangement that we were looking at. We did non-dominant hand sketches and also focused on the shapes within the arrangement.  He introduced tone and texture. It was a very relaxing environment to be in and to spend the time drawing.

Whilst studying my drawing degree we would often do drawing exercises to help us look and study what we are drawing as appose to what we think it looks. Handy warm up exercises and starting to get everyone in the creative zone.

It was a great workshop and hope to do more of them in the future.


123Don-dominant hand sketch and watercolour loose sketch5

Our tables final sketches

Nice to see the different angles of the same arrangement.

I love ice cream!

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After creating my Bondi Beach design recently, I rather liked the ice cream van and I also have a great love of ice cream so I made it a print of its own! You can also buy it as a towel and other products through https://society6.com/product/ice-cream-w7v_beach-towel#s6-4836576p53a69v456


Drawing activities @ Haven cafe

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Postcard exhibition 29 Nov – 13 Dec @ Haven cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney

As part of Alice and Lusy we had our opening day of the exhibition yesterday between 10am – 2pm at the cafe. I was there to introduce people to the show and to run some fun drawing activities. A friend of mine who I met through Lusy was also there to help out, thank you Shannon!

I was very impressed with the people I met who joined in. They also had a lot of positive feedback about the project and show. The post-it drawing idea worked very well, it helped encourage people to do a drawing. I also had a continuous line challenge to create a collaborative piece. Again, this was a really good option to suit a variety of people who took part.

Next Sunday I will be doing drawing activities again and hopefully the continuous line drawing can be finished.

Life Drawing in the city

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From regularly going during college and university, it really has been a long time since I have been! A place in the city does it at a very reasonable price. There is no tutor however, for me to start it up again it worked well.

The model did 2 min, 5 min and max 10 min poses. I did find that I did not have long enough! Practice!

I was really please with the quick 2 minute poses I did where I overlaid different coloured chalks. I will look to use this technique again.

Medium: chalk and pencil on brown paper.

Sketch Club


Today, I spent a fun few hours sketching the scenes down at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Under the theme of ‘Christmas in July’, Bondi has an outdoor ice rink outside the Bondi Pavilion. The sketch club is organised by a wonderful lady called Jennifer, who helps choose interesting places around Sydney to sketch weekly.

I decided I wanted perspective on Bondi Beach and the ice skaters so I sat up on the balcony looking down below.

I like the fun bus drawing I created, looking at the outlines of buildings along the way. I had not used watercolours for a while, they seemed to capture the constant movement and colour well. Watercolour set was given to me, they were my dear Auntie Dilly’s.



I have been busy sketching recently and thought I would start editing them digitally using Adobe Illustrator. I love the freedom I have in choosing colour and layout. I like the idea of creating everyday observational drawings which I then combine in Illustrator to create one overlapped image of drawings.
Lusy-PortraitSpeaker-PortraitSydney Harbour boatsNeutral-Portrait