Rainforest Refresh

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This is a new design of mine, inspired by me wanting a new fun shower curtain.

This print is for sale on various products on my Society6 page.


Other design are on there too. Please let me know if there is something specific you would like and I can design it.

I love ice cream!

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After creating my Bondi Beach design recently, I rather liked the ice cream van and I also have a great love of ice cream so I made it a print of its own! You can also buy it as a towel and other products through https://society6.com/product/ice-cream-w7v_beach-towel#s6-4836576p53a69v456


Drawing activities @ Haven cafe

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Postcard exhibition 29 Nov – 13 Dec @ Haven cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney

As part of Alice and Lusy we had our opening day of the exhibition yesterday between 10am – 2pm at the cafe. I was there to introduce people to the show and to run some fun drawing activities. A friend of mine who I met through Lusy was also there to help out, thank you Shannon!

I was very impressed with the people I met who joined in. They also had a lot of positive feedback about the project and show. The post-it drawing idea worked very well, it helped encourage people to do a drawing. I also had a continuous line challenge to create a collaborative piece. Again, this was a really good option to suit a variety of people who took part.

Next Sunday I will be doing drawing activities again and hopefully the continuous line drawing can be finished.

Why not create artwork that you can eat?

Ongoing and Reflection

Hand painted designs and homemade cupcakes

I always like to have a project on the go, my next is exploring and creating edible designs! I was intreged to find paints that I can use to create artworks that then can be eaten! This way I am combining my drawing talent with something you can eat, what can go wrong!

I researched the idea online and found a company that I can by the paint from. I found the paints easy to use (like powder paints at school). The gold was quite lumpy so I did not end up using it.

I was able to try out the colours next to each other and how they mix together. I did taste testing (a must!) and found that because I use minimal paint I was not able to taste the colour (like with dyed fondant). I am very pleased with the results and look forward to more experimenting..

NgageCMS website banner reworked

Client based work, Design

I previously designed a website banner for NgageCMS. The banners purpose was to highlight the companies key selling point. E-commerce is a very important part to small and large businesses so I emphasis this with my design.

The first image below shows my previous design, the second image shows my revisited design. I thought that the initial design did not have a strong enough focus as there were lots of small icons. I decided to add in a top banner for the title and also to include an iPad to highlight e-commerce on portable devices.

I feel that I have improved the design and it looks more professional and current.

Website banner for NgageCMS - July 2014

Website banner for NgageCMS – July 2014

NgageCMS Website Banner Revisited Oct 2014

NgageCMS Website Banner Revisited Oct 2014

Circle Pattern

Daily Inspiration, Design

I am keen to develop original illustrations into pattern using Illustrator. I created a detailed design and then duplicated it, playing with colour and the pattern style. They do seem quite busy, but I am enjoying the exploration.

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014