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This is a new design of mine, inspired by me wanting a new fun shower curtain.

This print is for sale on various products on my Society6 page.


Other design are on there too. Please let me know if there is something specific you would like and I can design it.

I love ice cream!

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After creating my Bondi Beach design recently, I rather liked the ice cream van and I also have a great love of ice cream so I made it a print of its own! You can also buy it as a towel and other products through https://society6.com/product/ice-cream-w7v_beach-towel#s6-4836576p53a69v456


Drawing activities @ Haven cafe

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Postcard exhibition 29 Nov – 13 Dec @ Haven cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney

As part of Alice and Lusy we had our opening day of the exhibition yesterday between 10am – 2pm at the cafe. I was there to introduce people to the show and to run some fun drawing activities. A friend of mine who I met through Lusy was also there to help out, thank you Shannon!

I was very impressed with the people I met who joined in. They also had a lot of positive feedback about the project and show. The post-it drawing idea worked very well, it helped encourage people to do a drawing. I also had a continuous line challenge to create a collaborative piece. Again, this was a really good option to suit a variety of people who took part.

Next Sunday I will be doing drawing activities again and hopefully the continuous line drawing can be finished.

Halloween carrot cupcakes

Daily Inspiration

This is my second attempt at using edible paints to create fun designs. I baked 12 carrot cupcakes for about 10 minutes and let them cool. I then rolled out the fondant icing and cutout circles. I then had fun with creating Halloween inspired decorations.

I am really enjoying getting the painted effect on the fondant icing. I feel that I could have a lot of experimentation with different themes.

Why not create artwork that you can eat?

Ongoing and Reflection

Hand painted designs and homemade cupcakes

I always like to have a project on the go, my next is exploring and creating edible designs! I was intreged to find paints that I can use to create artworks that then can be eaten! This way I am combining my drawing talent with something you can eat, what can go wrong!

I researched the idea online and found a company that I can by the paint from. I found the paints easy to use (like powder paints at school). The gold was quite lumpy so I did not end up using it.

I was able to try out the colours next to each other and how they mix together. I did taste testing (a must!) and found that because I use minimal paint I was not able to taste the colour (like with dyed fondant). I am very pleased with the results and look forward to more experimenting..

Funsworth at Art Gallery NSW

Exhibition/Gallery visits

I work for Holdsworth Community and I had the privilege of going to the exhibition viewing of the Funsworth program at the Art Gallery NSW.

The Funsworth program is for children with intellectual disabilities. The Thursday and Friday groups have been working with the art gallery on a series of projects. A local school has also been working with the Funsworth program by providing students to help and work with the kids.

The exhibition presented the final outcomes from a project inspired by Matisse, where the kids created works inspired by his colour works. They also created clay birds and decorated them. Certificates were given out to the kids and students. What a great result, well done Funsworth!

Achibald Prize 2015

Exhibition/Gallery visits

Carla Fletcher – Finalist and my favourite!

Carla Fletcher - Jennie Lee

Jenny Lee

Portrait of Australian Fashion Designer, Artist Jenny Kee

Mix Media on Linen, 1.5m x 2m

Image couresy of http://carlafletcher.com/

I am so glad I popped along to the Archibald Portrait prize. This piece includes fine detailed drawing with vibrant painted colours, which is hard to combine – this is why I love it. Looking closer at the piece, she stuck separate pieces of paper for the different sections. I like how the red outline is very distinct against the solid background. The expression of Jenny is great, you feel warmth and happiness.

Jenny Lee

photo of Jenny Lee, courtesy of https://ilbonito.wordpress.com/tag/australia/

Looking on Carla Fletcher’s website, she is an Australian Artist and she produces amazing detailed pencil and mixed media drawings and studied Fine Art Drawing.

Winning portrait was Nigel Milsom’s Judo house pt 6 (the white bird)

I also liked the work of Annie Hsiao-Wen Wang, looks into the notion of the stage between being alseep and awake (which I looked at with my Sleep series in 2009-2010)

Junior Archibald Prize 2015 my favourite by Kyle Wadsworth, fine detailed pencil drawing of his grandma.

Kyle WadsworthKyle Wadworth

Circle Pattern

Daily Inspiration, Design

I am keen to develop original illustrations into pattern using Illustrator. I created a detailed design and then duplicated it, playing with colour and the pattern style. They do seem quite busy, but I am enjoying the exploration.

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014

Circle Pattern - Sept 2014



I have been busy sketching recently and thought I would start editing them digitally using Adobe Illustrator. I love the freedom I have in choosing colour and layout. I like the idea of creating everyday observational drawings which I then combine in Illustrator to create one overlapped image of drawings.
Lusy-PortraitSpeaker-PortraitSydney Harbour boatsNeutral-Portrait