Drawing activities @ Haven cafe

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Postcard exhibition 29 Nov – 13 Dec @ Haven cafe, Surry Hills, Sydney

As part of Alice and Lusy we had our opening day of the exhibition yesterday between 10am – 2pm at the cafe. I was there to introduce people to the show and to run some fun drawing activities. A friend of mine who I met through Lusy was also there to help out, thank you Shannon!

I was very impressed with the people I met who joined in. They also had a lot of positive feedback about the project and show. The post-it drawing idea worked very well, it helped encourage people to do a drawing. I also had a continuous line challenge to create a collaborative piece. Again, this was a really good option to suit a variety of people who took part.

Next Sunday I will be doing drawing activities again and hopefully the continuous line drawing can be finished.

International Travelling Postcard Exhibition- Sydney show

Alice and Lusy - Creative Collaborative Projects


The show is up! From one blank wall to lots of creative and colourful postcards, it looks great.
It took longer to setup and I hope that it lasts the duration of the exhibition. I could have just stuck the postcards onto the wall, which would have been the easier option. However, I liked the idea of the postcards being away from the wall for them to move and for people to look on the backs of the postcards. On the back of the postcard is info from the individual creators of where the postcard was created.
Tomorrow is the opening day for the show and I will be facilitating some drawing activities.

We are looking at the exhibition happening in another country next year, having been a show in Penang and now Sydney. Watch this space!

Do check the exhibition out, please like our Alice and Lusy facebook page for more info.

Go larger!

Ongoing and Reflection, Sketchbook

From creating cupcake designs I now had the confidence to try a large cake design. I did buy the cake and icing from the shop so that I could focus my time on the decoration. I used my own photos of flowers and the print techniques of Cath Kidson designs for inspiration.

I am really pleased with the light blue icing against the white butter icing and jam. I just added some of the blue and white edible paint when I was rolling the icing.

Taste wise, I think the amount of icing is right for the cake, I like that I have a bright design but it does not use too much icing like some other fondant cakes.

Life Drawing in the city

Ongoing and Reflection


From regularly going during college and university, it really has been a long time since I have been! A place in the city does it at a very reasonable price. There is no tutor however, for me to start it up again it worked well.

The model did 2 min, 5 min and max 10 min poses. I did find that I did not have long enough! Practice!

I was really please with the quick 2 minute poses I did where I overlaid different coloured chalks. I will look to use this technique again.

Medium: chalk and pencil on brown paper.

Sculpture by the sea 2015

Exhibition/Gallery visits

I visited the Sculpture by the sea Bondi event which involves about a 2km walk to see the sculptures from Tamarama beach to Bondi. I did the walk with my friend Fi who is the creator of Bitesize Traveller food blog.

It is a stunning walk in itself, and it was such a beautiful day with the ocean waves crashing against the coastline perfectly. I would find it hard as a sculptor to decide on a sculpture that would work with such breath taking views all around.

From the start there was a dominating sculpture of a copper fist which welcomes you onto the beach. We then walked to the right of Tamarama beach to find a wooden beamed structural piece which you could walk under. It made me think of the wooden supports that are used when boats are being made. Even though it was a large sculpture I felt like it worked we with its surroundings.

The next sculpture which caught both mine and Fi’s eye was these large squeezy bottles that actually squirted water! Great fun for adults and children alike! They had a fun element which I commended.

We strolled along the path and stopped to look at a collection of bird sculptures which had been created or represented islands off shore of Australia. They gave a sense of symbolic meaning behind the making.

As we walked along, we saw an interesting piece which was set back from the ones on the direct coastal path. It was a sculpture reflecting modern thoughts around being ‘watched’ or your life being intruded by CCTV. It had about 15 CCTV cameras all pointing to one spot which I stood under. I liked this piece for its connection with current views.

We had a really fun time looking at the different submission. There were themes on reflections and having an involvement in the sculpture to experience it. I thought about how the sculptures fitted with their surroundings and whether that was a key feature to the sculpture.

Halloween carrot cupcakes

Daily Inspiration

This is my second attempt at using edible paints to create fun designs. I baked 12 carrot cupcakes for about 10 minutes and let them cool. I then rolled out the fondant icing and cutout circles. I then had fun with creating Halloween inspired decorations.

I am really enjoying getting the painted effect on the fondant icing. I feel that I could have a lot of experimentation with different themes.

Why not create artwork that you can eat?

Ongoing and Reflection

Hand painted designs and homemade cupcakes

I always like to have a project on the go, my next is exploring and creating edible designs! I was intreged to find paints that I can use to create artworks that then can be eaten! This way I am combining my drawing talent with something you can eat, what can go wrong!

I researched the idea online and found a company that I can by the paint from. I found the paints easy to use (like powder paints at school). The gold was quite lumpy so I did not end up using it.

I was able to try out the colours next to each other and how they mix together. I did taste testing (a must!) and found that because I use minimal paint I was not able to taste the colour (like with dyed fondant). I am very pleased with the results and look forward to more experimenting..