Drawing workshop with Fabrizio Biviano

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Last Saturday, I spent a fantastic creative afternoon with my good friend at Arthouse Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

They have exhibited the artist work Fabrizio Biviano Potemkin Still Life Blues for the past month and through the Art At Night event they held a drawing workshop run by the artist. He has sold all his paintings exhibited!

Fabrizio said that he is a High School teacher whilst pursuing his Artist career. He was previously a Graphic Designer which is clear with his influence of text in his paintings.

His paintings caught my eye from viewing them on the Arthouse Gallery website. They are vibrant and refreshing from thinking of a traditional still life. He painted the collection with oils on canvas. He includes alot of symmetry in the collections painting which he was unsure to why but also spoke about his background in Graphic Design having an influence. He has painted Australian native plants standing up in disposable coffee cups and often crumpled cups. Underneath the cups are books stacked up and scrumpled blue tape. I didnt mind the tape, he said he likes the use of them to create movement within the paint. He spoke about how he uses the edge of the painting to be messy, to let out frustration sometimes and to share the process of the painting and colour use.

He ran an inspiring workshop, with about 5 arrangements for 30+ people to sit around to study and draw. It was a free workshop and very popular! He took us through the steps to break down the arrangement that we were looking at. We did non-dominant hand sketches and also focused on the shapes within the arrangement.  He introduced tone and texture. It was a very relaxing environment to be in and to spend the time drawing.

Whilst studying my drawing degree we would often do drawing exercises to help us look and study what we are drawing as appose to what we think it looks. Handy warm up exercises and starting to get everyone in the creative zone.

It was a great workshop and hope to do more of them in the future.


123Don-dominant hand sketch and watercolour loose sketch5

Our tables final sketches

Nice to see the different angles of the same arrangement.


Ongoing and Reflection, Sketchbook

Positivity in your outlook of life can take you far. I like the idea of illustrating positive, meaningful and inspiring quotes to share and hope that they inspire others.

In my spare moments, over the last few months, I have created individual original watercolour on paper artworks. Nice to be working in colour again and having fun with art. They are all painted on A5 paper, individual sizes. The last one I created was the ‘Unlock your creativity’ piece. I decided to use darker shades of paint for the outline, instead of black. I intend to explore this more, I like the softness it creates. I will be looking into text design and illustrating text over the next couple months.

If you like my work, I can always created a customised quote to inspire you. Just let me know.

Go larger!

Ongoing and Reflection, Sketchbook

From creating cupcake designs I now had the confidence to try a large cake design. I did buy the cake and icing from the shop so that I could focus my time on the decoration. I used my own photos of flowers and the print techniques of Cath Kidson designs for inspiration.

I am really pleased with the light blue icing against the white butter icing and jam. I just added some of the blue and white edible paint when I was rolling the icing.

Taste wise, I think the amount of icing is right for the cake, I like that I have a bright design but it does not use too much icing like some other fondant cakes.

Sketch Club


Today, I spent a fun few hours sketching the scenes down at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Under the theme of ‘Christmas in July’, Bondi has an outdoor ice rink outside the Bondi Pavilion. The sketch club is organised by a wonderful lady called Jennifer, who helps choose interesting places around Sydney to sketch weekly.

I decided I wanted perspective on Bondi Beach and the ice skaters so I sat up on the balcony looking down below.

I like the fun bus drawing I created, looking at the outlines of buildings along the way. I had not used watercolours for a while, they seemed to capture the constant movement and colour well. Watercolour set was given to me, they were my dear Auntie Dilly’s.



I have been busy sketching recently and thought I would start editing them digitally using Adobe Illustrator. I love the freedom I have in choosing colour and layout. I like the idea of creating everyday observational drawings which I then combine in Illustrator to create one overlapped image of drawings.
Lusy-PortraitSpeaker-PortraitSydney Harbour boatsNeutral-Portrait

Grandads Bridge club Drawing and Travel sketchbook 2

Ongoing and Reflection, Sketchbook

Last Friday, I went to sketch some drawings of the elderly people that go to the local Bridge club with my Grandad. I was interested in drawing them as Bridge is possibly an activity that may be lost in years to come. It keeps some elderly people going, they are able to meet weekly and socialize. There are some good characters that attend and hopefully I will go again soon. I also included some drawings from my ongoing sketchbook, of family, Mungo the dog and when I was on the train from Bristol to Dorchester.

Travel sketchbook 2


I draw regularly and thought I would add some of the drawings on here every now and then. The drawings are of daily events and thoughts.