Quality Fine Art prints for sale now

Ongoing and Reflection

I decided to get some prints of a few large drawings from having interest in them and to make the work available at a smaller scale. I am really pleased with them, I have had them printed at a quality printers, had them mounted with a back board and cellophane wrapped for protection.

Below are the details of each print, if interested please get in contact for individual prices. Each print is a limited edition of 100.

Fleeting moments begin
Fine Art Print
54cm x 37cm (mount)
42cm x 23cm (print)

Fleeting moments I
Fine Art Print
53cm x 42cm (mount)
42cm x 30cm (print)

Fleeting moments II
Fine Art print
53cm x 42cm (mounted)
42cm x 30cm (print size)

I have included a write up about the prints on the back of each print. Do have a look at the included photos!

If you have and questions or would like to purchase a print please email me on alice.jones@live.co.uk or call me on 07891896955 . Thank you.


One thought on “Quality Fine Art prints for sale now

  1. Hi,
    I have been staying in a holiday cottage in Weymouth and there is a picture with your name on it of rows of sheep with one black one looking the other way. I think it was named “sheep make you sleep”
    Is this your work and if so do you still sell this item and if so how much is it ? I love it.
    Can you please email me to let me know.

    Thank you in advance.
    Lindsay Dosanjh


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